Maestre’s pandemial actuality

Our experience with the Covid – 19 at our school

by Inés Quiralte 2º ESO


The 2019 – 2020 course brought into our lives a whole load of stress and worries; doubting every week if we were going to be able to return to our educational institution,  and continue with the school year. Unfortunately, we had to stay in lockdown until the end of the course for the good of citizenship and for the evolutionary improvement of the pandemic.

In addition, it is our obligation to deal with the current academic year, so we can carry on with our studies; in spite of what society (as fighters against Covid – 19), requires from us. For this reason, the school management team has established, in I.E.S Maestre de Calatrava, the regulation that the government has adjudged for this situation. Some examples are that there’s a limited capacity in the classrooms, the corridors have been divided, so students can walk in different directions without agglomerating, etc.

From the student body’s view, the familiar atmosphere which is created in our academic center (as students stand out), hasn’t changed at all. We consider that, even though we have to maintain a social distance, the nearness we have between us, continues to be the same. Also, this seems to be very positive for our own motivation/courage and the ideas we have about studying; we believe the narrowness between all of us helps us to evolve in an optimistic way, academically.

Furthermore, from a technical perspective, this high school has been very lucky so far, referring to Covid cases, which we appreciate enormously. There hasn’t been a risk of locking down any classes (or even worse, the whole centre) because of the few cases there’s been.

Besides this, the luck we’ve had has given us the possibility to perform different activities in this first term. No matter how the pandemic has setted on us, we managed to move on with Radio Maestre, our project “CALATRAVA TIMES”; also, we’re starting a scholar orchard and Lanza Digital have dedicated their time in observing how we work and to write an article about us.

We’re so thankful for the luck we’ve had and the chances we’ve received for continuing with our big plans, notwithstanding our situation right now.


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